Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Did she or didn't she?

UPDATE: From Twitter - "Driving back from the Watters' house. Wonderful time! Missing our kids, who are at home sleeping soundly! Tomorrow is a BUSY day for us." 7 minutes ago

Looks like their priorities are once again in the right place. Hiking and dinner with strangers instead of home caring for their many small children.

Thursday, February 18
"Getting ready to head to Colorado next week for a couple days. Wow, we are like the crazy traveling family lately. But it's fun. And important stuff!"

Saturday, February 13
"I think we're going to bring our kids to Colorado this month so that we don't have to be away from them so much so close together since they aren't coming to Kenya."

And here we are, Wednesday, February 24. She's in Colorado. "Prince Charming" is in Colorado. But are the children, the ones who make up her family, the ones that she doesn't want to be away from because they leave for Kenya next week, with her?

What do you think? I put up a poll - take a second and vote in the right rail and we'll see how accurate our "jaded" readers are when MckMama reveals how many people got on that plane - two two and a fetus, or six seven!