Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photoshopping Children

When are pinks...

not pink enough?

When are the blue eyes God gave a miracle child...

just not good enough?

And when is one eyebrow...

Not as good as two?

When does editing become too much when it comes to children?

"Small Fry" is well-known in person for her unibrow. But no one on her mother's blog has ever seen it.

See that bullseye right in the middle of "Small Fry"'s eyebrow in the picture on the right? That's where her mother used Photoshop and made her daughter two eyebrows.

While an eyebrow isn't a beauty mark (there are photographer horror stories of photographers deleting birth marks or adding dimples), and "Small Fry" will most likely separate her eyebrows when she is old enough, is it appropriate to photoshop your child's eyebrow(s) in every picture, and then comment that she:

...has what might possibly be the most uniquely beautiful eyebrows ever.