Friday, February 12, 2010

Since You Brought it Up Again

Play Ball, y'all. MckMama would like to talk some more about the editing of her child's unibrow/birth mark. She would also like to clarify that she doesn't "pluck" or "edit" her child's brow.

From MckMama's Twitter:
I'm participating in a very intriguing discussion here: about the Photoshopping and/or removal of imperfections.
And what she says in this "very intriguing discussion":
Actually our daughter has those stork bite birthmarks between her eyebrows. The boys have them, too, either a tiny bit on their eyelid or at the base of their neck behind their head. They are all very faint (getting fainter as they age) and not usually visible unless the child is mad, cold or hot, but then they appear! And I've actually been accused of plucking our daughter's eyebrows (Um, no!) or editing them out (Um, no!) because every once in a while her birthmark can be seen there and it apparently looks like eyebrow to some people when photographed! Hah.
So here's some more evidence for you. Top are unedited pictures of "Small Fry" not taken by MckMama, bottom, pictures from the "most beautiful eyebrows" post by MckMama:

(removed per photographer's request)

And, just for edification, pictures of "Small Fry" as a baby:

What do you think? Did MckMama edit them out of these pictures as well, or are we not talking about editing out "stork bites" these days to begin with? After all, MckMama herself says that her children's "bites" are "all very faint (getting fainter as they age)".

Last picture, from "Small Fry"'s father:

The caption, in case you can't read it: "U try wearing a unibrow and being that cute"

Go ahead, MckMama. Poke the bear.

**I would just like to point out that it doesn't matter that "Small Fry" has a unibrow. The point of this post is the spinning and continued lying done by her mother, not on the child's feature.**