Wednesday, February 3, 2010

*Waves at MckMama* Thanks for joining us!

We look forward to reading your rebuttals to the things people comment here!

And thanks for clarifying that you do indeed own your new mckmansion:

"But didn't laugh as hard as I did at the one tonight that "outed" us for pretending to own our home when we "actually rent it." Wow, that girl has some serious inside information! Even I didn't know that! I could have sworn (but, you know, don't) that we bought this house. I'd better look into that."

The real question, however, isn't whether or not you own your house, it's how you bought it when you have at least one foreclosure on your record (and we've heard two - the house you let your sister rent, could you clarify that for us??), a reposession of your Escalade last winter, and your only source of non-blogging income is your husband's "struggling" construction business. Oh, and you of course have medical bills from Stellan's multiple hospital stays and "fixed-wing aircraft" rides.

Sounds a little fishy when we put it that way, huh? That's what we're interested in. Just sayin'.