Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Angry Few: aka, We, The People

A quote about MWOP:
"Sadly there is a great deal of McKinney related gossip, assumption and judgment coming from a very small number of women on-line who have gone so far as to create “hate” sites that do nothing but serve as a community of disdain. I’ve looked into every accusation these few women have made and have found no basis in fact and no cause for concern on Compassion’s behalf."

I thought you all might like to see the numbers as they stand today. Since February 1:
Total: 135,414
Per Day Average: 6,746

Page Views
Total: 376,009
Per Day Average: 16,046

Today: 8,855 visitors, 20,785 page views

The results of the Poll (Has MWOP changed your view on MckMama?), after 5 days:

Yes, completely. I was an avid follower. - 88 people
Somewhat. I was leery before. - 277 people
I haven't decided. Sheeple on the fence. - 48 people
No, I saw through her before MWOP. - 371 people<
No, I am still a MckMama follower. - 118 people

My point? "Very small number" is subjective. As is the definition of "hate". These numbers represent readers who have come here and left making their own decisions on MckMama based on what she says, and based on what is on MWOP.

So glad they have the opportunity to make a more informed decision, instead of trying to being led blindly, based on MckMama's sterile, "spun" business blog.