Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why so happy??

MckMama wants everyone to guess why Stellan is happy.

From her post:
We purchased some used cars; we're working on getting far, far away from using credit. We have a long way to go, but we're focused on digging ourselves out and not giving up. We've had homes foreclosed and vehicles repossessed. And now we're (literally) paying for it. We don't want to go bankrupt and stick others with our debt and we don't want to make those mistakes again, either! So, yes, that's a "new" car you see, but that's not why Stellan is happy!

Her $27,000+ monthly income may have more with them not going bankrupt than their learning from previous mistakes and living within their means.

Also, is letting two houses go into foreclosure "sticking others with their debt", or do banks, real estate agents, other property owners in their area whose property values dropped because of their foreclosures, and the climbing rates of those who do pay their mortgages not count as "others"?