Saturday, April 10, 2010

More to the Naysayers

I thought she was done talking about/to/in response to the naysayers?
Honored that Fox mentioned our giveaway! Sad that some trash talk. Maybe you'll go leave a GRACE filled comment?
about 10 hours ago via web

Grace, love, peace, kindness, hope, mercy. Those ALWAYS win. Always. And tonight, many children across the world have won, too. THANK YOU!!!
about 10 hours ago via web

And to the author of Girl Meets Geek:
“I’d be thrilled to talk about Compassion and the initiative I’m doing on my blog with people, however I (sic) in no way want to be part of an article about stalking and dissention (sic). My policy is to not address or draw any attention to dissenters (sic) who are anonymous or hateful. I noticed a few of your recent Tweets, one of them even linking to such a site.”

In all fairness, she said the same thing about politics and that lasted.....two days.