Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogs You Enjoy

We need a new post! The blog is bogged down by the over 600 comments on the last post. I want to wait on a post on the family organization, but for good reason. As for a 12 Step program for old MckMama followers, I wouldn't know where to start.

So how about a post on blogs you enjoy or find inspirational? There were a few comments to that regard this week and there are probably many others that readers here would love as a substitute to MckMama's, or what readers thought MckMama's blog stood for.

ONE CATCH, though. This blog is about MckMama, and while no one is perfect, this blog isn't about innocent mistakes: it's about her knowingly deceiving her readers in many areas of her life/business.

To that note, let's not debate the other blogs posted, or hash out their mistakes or life choices, please. Encouraging comments are welcome, but unless the person is a serial killer or married to a child porn producer or something equally awful, let's remain positive on this post, and if a blog is not your cup of tea just don't comment.

If the blogger is a killer or there is another huge red flag, OR if it's your blog and you don't want it listed in the comments, please comment something along the lines of "MWOP, email me" and we'll get the comment down.