Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Top Mommy Blogger

LoriT let us know that MckMama is #6 on the list of 100 top bloggers. Last year, she was number one. For a description of, they write:
My Charming Kids (Name: Jennifer): Don’t be fooled by the fact that she fell 5 spots from our 2008 Top Mom Blog List, fool you. She was our #1...the only direction she could go was this one. Her content, drama, pictures, appearances, all of it for 2009 were right on target. Love her or hate her, the fact is you know her. And that is why she claims a top spot out of our 100.

As for their criteria for choosing their top bloggers, they write:
Before you groan at me, “oh trisha, some of these bloggers are on ALL the lists“, the reasons they make those lists in general is because they are doing an excellent job either marketing or standing out.

I looked around the web to see where else MckMama won awards and I couldn't find her....anywhere. Not on Babble, or Blogtrepreneur, not on Viewpoints or The Bump or Mother's Day Central's top 100, or any other top blogger list that I could find.

Not even on Blogger Choice Awards.

Apparently the criteria for other "Top Mommy Blogger" lists is more than good marketing and noteriety. I suppose MWOP helps her cause in the latter area.