Thursday, June 10, 2010

He picked up a WHAT!?

New post is up. It revolves around a video you can watch here without giving MckMama clicks. Thoughts?

Some other points of conversation this week:

MckMama wrote an article that she referenced recently (but changed the wording on so she in no way mentions spanking) about spanking her children with wooden spoons. For her older two children, she was spanking them with a wooden spoon between one and two. Stellan is now 17 months old, the age where she writes about focusing on spanking her middle son, and it has some readers wondering if he is now being spanked with a wooden spoon as well.

There is a request to make a list of inconsistencies in one place. I'll work on this, but if anyone wants to chime in, I would be happy to have the help. It's a lot to go through.

And finally, there have been several comments over the last few weeks (err, well, months) about how this site feeds MckMama...her topics, her retorts, her snarky twitter comments, and her readership. I have wondered from time-to-time what would happen to her blog if MWOP shut down, and honestly, I think all of us here do feed into her site enough to keep her numbers higher than they would have been otherwise for a little while longer.

Regardless, is no doubt her numbers are dropping, and fast. In fact, if the public page view and visitor information for MckMama is correct.....

MWOP had within five thousand page views of MckMama two of the last seven days this week.

Just amazing, you guys.

It does leave MWOP with a dilemma. Do I shut down the site to avoid giving her more business? Or do we owe the kids some financial stability and need to stick with it a little while longer?