Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where have I read that before....

Oh, I know! On Snopes!

Snopes version of swallowed contact lenses.

MckMama's version:
I also didn’t forget my contact lens case when we went out of town for a homeschool convention this weekend, either. Not me! I didn’t use hotel glasses to store my lenses in, telling my husband not to drink out of said glasses that I covered and set by the television. Not me! And it wasn’t me who was aggravated in the morning to find only one glass on the table. Nope. I didn’t roll my eyes and just have to laugh when my husband admitted that he forgot my contact was in there when he needed to use the cup at 3 am! Not me! I’d never giggle at the possible thought of my husband swallowing my contact lens.

And here's a second one on getting into the wrong car.

Just some humor and a new post for comments, since the last post was bogged down. Thanks WTF for the links.