Sunday, August 1, 2010


A quick update: Today is MckMama's second son's birthday. "Nuggey" is four. She started planning his birthday party on Wednesday, complete with a "big surprise". She has missed the last two birthdays of his, due to being in the hospital with Stellan.

Sadly enough for "Nuggey", his mom will miss it a third time, as she is in the hospital again this year with kidney stone pain, and now she may be delivering her fifth child five weeks early on his birthday as well. Hopefully that's what he wanted, because otherwise it can suck to share your birthday with a younger sibling.

On another note, there has been a lot of talk about hits and keywords and searches. Many who comment here believe MckMama creates drama and trending keyword posts to up her stats. Many also think she also plans well-placed giveaways and controversial posts in a cyclical fashion. With this being as "big" a week as MckMama is likely to have (giving birth to her "last" child) this year, I thought you might like to see the stats for the last two weeks:

Last week:

The blue line is MckMama's site. The red one? MWOP, baby. We have had the same traffic numbers as MckMama a handful of times now.

This week (with several giveaways, a hospitalization and now the anticipated birth of another child):

Yep, not as close. Anyone want to wager a guess at what her traffic will do when she has finally delivered Oops #5, and any drama around his birth has subsided?