Monday, September 13, 2010

Making money off Nutella

You know the best thing to do when you get caught lying about something on your blog where you swear you blog boldly? Resort to nastiness. Snarking at people is a surefire way to rile up your staunch supporters, increase clicks, and draw attention away from the fact that, once again, you can't keep your facts straight.

Who cares if MckMama lies about Nutella? Not me, really. People forget stuff, it happens all the time. I can imagine it happens more than that to people with that many children. I do care that she said "For future reference, if there comes a time I decide to lie to my readers, it will be about something more significant than Nutella!!" because that suggests she hasn't lied to her readers. Which, well, we all know is yet another lie. For more details, please read anything in the right rail.

I'm not that surprised by her snarkiness since she appears to have nothing else to bring to her blog that is any way controversial right now. Drama is money and you need money to buy Nutella.

Anywhoodle, I spent 10 of my "no life" minutes Googling and putting together some Nutella blog posts for you guys. You're welcome.

MckMama's Nut Butter (complete with picture of Small Fry eating Nutella).

Nut butter wedges with Nutella in this Not Me! Monday post.

Sticking Nutella on the end of Stellan's pacifier.

Small Fry eating a whole jar of Nutella by herself (this one is a real link, so don't click if you don't have to, please).

And let's not forget the picture of Small Fry with "something" on her face. Can't be Nutella, since she has hidden it from her children until "now".

Gotta love the fact checkers.