Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Product Consultants

doTERRA oils are expensive. The 15mL bottles of peppermint oil cost almost $35 a piece. If the 5mL bottle was just 1/5 the cost, that's $7 a bottle...times 100 for this giveaway. Not including the shipping for 100 fragile vials from "Aunt Patty" to the 100 winners.

Which leaves several people on here wondering if "Aunt Patty" is rich, or if she will be using these addresses for future customer purposes.

doTERRA has product consultants much in the same way Mary Kay or Avon would: mailing lists = customers = money. Hopefully "Aunt Patty" is loaded, and not using this giveaway as an underhanded way to gain customers.

On another note, if you are lucky enough to win peppermint oil, please do not digest it unless you have read up on it first.

And yes, I noted the link to the cleaning post. If only we could all have such humor in the face of our faults.