Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm still here. I've read through the comments and I wanted to alleviate any concern that this blog was going to fall to the wayside. I apologize to anyone who finds following both forums difficult - the idea is to provide a secondary place to talk about anything (even about MckMama), to discuss ideas that might be more nit-picky and to chat with other commenters in better depth, especially when things bog down here and Disqus won't load.

I would love to see commenters continue to bring things they think are important to MWOP if they think it's something that needs to be posted here. I knew that comments would fall off, and I'm fine with that if it's a solution that works better for the majority.

I have been quiet more because I was pretty pissed off about this last week. MckMama has what many of her loyal readers would die for - a popular blog with many followers and advertising to support her family. And she cannot stop screwing it up. This woman won't change.

In case you missed it, MckMama was dropped by the two ad agencies she picked up after being dropped by BlogHer for plagiarism. Readers here emailed her ad agency, as did readers of her blog, in regards to the thrashing she put on homosexuals over the weekend. Ultimately it was their choice to drop her, and I truly doubt they succumbed to the pressure of a handful of tweets and emails. I'm sure they researched and made their own decisions based on her content.

In the end, though, it comes down to the fact that she won't learn or change. Now she's down to Google Ads (which pay piddly amounts) and a few ad blocks from her own advertising efforts. Anyone can put Google Ads on their site, and they don't pay well.

Relationships between MckMama and companies have been severed continuously since May. She is a skid mark for Christians, bloggers, and mothers of many, among other groups.

What else does she have to lose? What else can she lose?

I see now that there's zero chance she'll revive herself and become someone her readers can admire or enjoy once again. I feel sorry for her family, and for her.