Friday, December 17, 2010

Getting whiplash

So MckMama posts this ridiculously long rant about holding Lachlan on her recent flights. She complained about being judged on her parenting decisions. I mean, really, if she wants to hold her babies and not put them in car seats on planes, who are we to judge? She wrote:
Confession: We usually don’t buy airline seats for our children when they are under age two; instead, we typically opt to have them travel as lap children as allowed by the airlines. Each time I have posted photographs of our little ones flying, like I did with Flurry swaddled up and sleeping on the seat next to me the other day, I understandably get comments reminding me that it is safer for children to fly while restrained in their own seat in a carseat.

She also said this in the comments:

The only problem is she doesn't know what the hell her parenting decisions are. Just a smidge over six months ago, she posted this:
“Leaving on a Jet Plane”.
May 13, 2010

Carry your carseat to the gate.

I usually bring our own carseats with us when we travel. I used to check them as suitcases, but for our children under 2, I’ve changed my ways. The next time you fly with an infant, try this: Bring your carseat to the gate. It may be a hassle to lug it there, but it will be worth it. Here’s why: Once you get to the gate, ask if there are any open seats on the flight. If there are, request to be moved with the infant on your lap next to that open seat. Then, see if you can bring your carseat onto the plane. If your seat is approved for air travel, you will probably be allowed to. Then, you can put the carseat in the empty seat while you fly, hands free, and your baby has the seat they know and (hopefully) love. Plus, you still won’t have to pay for that baby’s seat!

If there are no seats open on the plane or you aren’t allowed to bring your carseat on, you still haven’t lost. Just ask for a gate check tag for the seat. Leave it at the end of the gate. The guys who put luggage under the plane will come grab it, free of charge, and put it with the rest of the suitcases. Then, they’ll bring it back to you when the plane lands.

There's also the little matter of Stellan himself appearing in his car seat on Boston flights. It's getting old trying to keep MckMama's stories straight.