Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hazardous Health

This was sent to me by a forum member, put together by another forum member (I edited it slightly and added a few things). It's a list of medical events (and other milestones) pulled from Mckmama MckMama's blog and I thought it was a pretty interesting read when put in one place like this. Thank you for sending this on.

I can think of a few things that are missing - the arm/elbow ER incident in the days (day?) before leaving for Africa and didn't Big Mac end up in the ER with a busted head recently? I haven't gone back to find where she mentions these, though.

Anyway, here you go:

K’s birth – 16 days overdue and “high risk”; she had the broken tailbone. She develops a fever while in labor and she said they pumped water back into her uterus. NICU “whisked away” K to clear meconium after he was born and she passed out.

2006 – K had unexplained hives for a year.

September 2006 – C was diagnosed with Grade II Vesico Ureteral Reflux and they declined the “required” meds – he never had more issues with it.

January 2007 – C was losing weight. Four doctor appts. “Meeting of the minds” and bloodwork with abnormal levels (some high, some low). Another appointment decided it was stomach flu.

February 2007 – C gained weight and she realized she had low supply

April 2007 – C had double ear infection

May 2007 – C had pneumonia and ear infection

July 2007 – She had to do the Heimlich on K because he choked at the dinner table

September 2007 – C had to have tests done to see if his kidney reflux was gone...it was. She was also in the hospital with kidney stones, kidney and bladder infection, and getting meds to stop contrax at 35 weeks.

October 2007 – M was born.

Late November, early December 2007 - Takes 5 week old M on an airplane.
December 6-9, 2007 - M ends up in the hospital. Vomiting, cloudy urine, and was “unresponsive.” IV, pain meds, finally urinating.
December 14, 2007 - K and C vomit all over in the McDs playplace.
December 22-25, 2007 - M vomits at McD’s and goes to the hospital. She has: a cold, a "bad case of the stomach flu", a heart murmur, and "a bad infection in her body (bladder, kidneys)." Requires IV antibiotics. Also? "Those of you who know me might remember Cullen's kidney and ureter condition we discovered he had when he got very sick at 2 weeks old. It unfortunately seems that Maisie might have been born with the same condition. We will know more as the night and tomorrow morning progress." She claimed the people at the hospital gave her the “calm mom award of the year.”
December 25, 2007 M is released, awaiting results on kidney condition, waiting to see if she will "require surgery or a waiting regimen."
December 27, 2007 Kidneys appear okay, heart murmur might just be from being sick. Praying it won't be heard next time she's sick.

March 2008 – announces pregnancy. They thought miscarriage at first but everything is ok except for a "complex" “tumor/growth/cyst” (which was her "cyst")

April 2008 – C had pinkeye, and she rushed K to the doctor…found out he has asthma. A week later C has breathing problems and “might have asthma too," later found he doesn’t. Also talks about the “complication” on her left ovary is “even more serious” and “may be cancer.” Told her “cervix doesn’t look right.". Anyway, the cyst on her ovary went from being “very concerning” to “doesn’t look cancerous” to a corpus luteum that is “certainly not cancerous.”

May 2008 – M taken to hospital by ambulance struggling to breathe and pulse 200 with high fever, turns out it was pneumonia. MckMama took a picture of her in the ambulance. Four days later she was back in the ER with suspected intussusceptions, which is when the colon collapses back on itself. Turns out it was a blockage and gas causing her pain.

July 2008 – They find out about S’s heart and also that her cyst is 3 times bigger than it’s biggest (measured 8cm). JM was hospitalized with S and having heart problems of her own as a result of the meds.

August 2008 –She was in the hospital for Cs birthday. Was told the ped cardio had “never seen such a complicated case” and they were trying “risky and experimental” treatment for S.

September 2008 – M had a sore, blistered throat that was not strep (thought ear infection but wasn’t) and K was taken to the ER because part of his fingertip was cut off at preschool. JM also had a “minor surgery” later about a “very suspicious for cancer” thing not related to reproductive health.

October 2008 – Had the biopsy (minor surgery) that “went great” and was “a little less concerned” that it’s cancer. Then she was in the hospital again overnight for her own heart issues resulting from the meds S needed. S was born a short time later with 9/9 apgar scores. They also didn’t take out her ovary because it was simple and not cancerous. The doctor who did her c-section also told her that she was a “good healer” and “honestly you have no scarring.”

December 2008 – While they were out of town for Christmas, S went to the ER because he was “exceedingly sick” with a high heartrate. He went home but then was rushed to the hospital by ambulance red light siren and admitted to the PICU.

March 2009 – S hospitalized with SVT again.
April 2009 – S to Boston for surgery.

June 6, 09 – Said they went to splashpad “a couple times this week”
June 7, 09 – Posted Stellan was having lots of SVT.
June 8, 09 – Went to the Children’s Museum…later posted that S was having high blood pressure.
June 17, 09 – Went to the zoo “a couple days ago” then goes on to talk about S having more SVT.
June 18, 09 – S to ER and admitted to PICU for SVT.
June 21, 09 – S released straight from PICU and they went directly from the hospital to a huge pool party on the way home.

July 18, 09 – MckPicnic
July 19, 09 – S ended the 15 day SVT-free streak
July 22, 09 – Cancelled trip to Blissdom – took Stellan to ER for SVT
July 23, 09 – Stellan in hospital. “Stellan is in trouble.”
July 25, 09 -"We just said goodbye to Stellan."
July 27 - August 2, 09 -"It's bad. Our parents and families are on their way." "Stellan is being airlifted to Boston", "trying to not think about what happens if it's too late to go to Boston." (Misses C's birthday.)

August 3, 09 Stellan goes home...on new meds, but stable!!
August 5, 09 MckMama, MckDaddy, and three of their children go to California. Stellan stays behind.

September 10 and September 14 she posted pictures from the kids at the park.
September 15, 09 – S was hospitalized with SVT again.

October 17, 09 – K had infection in one ear and S&M each had double ear infection
October 21, 09 – Urgent care…now C had an ear infection and S&M were worse
October 24, 09 – Posted about going to the children’s museum
October 28, 09 – S in PICU with SVT
November 2009 – S went to Boston for ablation that cured his SVT

January 2010 – JM went on the cruise and was bit by something…so she got IV steroids at the ship doctor.

April 2010 - L ultrasound showed what might be a VSD heart defect.

July 2010 – JM in the hospital for nausea, dizziness, etc. and then had Kidney stone problems again and blood in her urine. Also found out she had Gestational Diabetes. She was released and then right back in the hospital…this was the incident where she said: “To make a long (embarrassing) story short, I ended up feeling awful on my way to meet Carrie, throwing up in the car as I drove, pulling over because I felt really dizzy and lightheaded, going inside an eating establishment to find a bite to eat and some more water, and passing out in line as I waited my turn.” Even though later it was realized she actually did go to the wedding…She was transferred to the downtown hospital where she’d deliver L.

August 2010 – She was back in the hospital again with kidney issues and missed Cs birthday AGAIN. L was born a “preemie” and in the special care nursery.

September 2010 – L is healthy, except for an eye infection. She mentioned that she would be in the hospital again for “open abdominal surgery.” Later she says the pregnancy and childbirth related issues will be gone…and hopefully it will be done laparoscopically. Of course, then she has the surgery and of course it “didn’t turn out precisely as we’d hoped.” They inspected it during her c-section and decided it “did not look good at all” but it was too risky to take out because pregnant women have more blood flow. It wasn’t a fluid-filled cyst, supposedly it was a tumor that might be cancerous. They couldn’t do it laparoscopically so they opened her back up at her c-section scar and also took out her left ovary and fallopian tube. She was released the second day after surgery.

October 2010 – She was in the hospital AGAIN. More kidney issues. She also found out no cancer.

January 2011 – She was in the hospital AGAIN for bowel obstruction.