Monday, February 28, 2011

Got Milk???

MckMama certainly does.

In her latest blog post since returning home from her travels with GHNI, MckMama posted a picture of a freezer drawer that is more than halfway filled with bags of breast milk. She claims that she pumped all of this breast milk while she was on her 2-week trip and transported it all the way back home despite climate changes, long flights, etc.

Of course, MckMama claims that she wasn't able to do this all alone. It takes a village. In MckMama's case, she states that she is grateful for the "hotel kitchens" where she could store her milk, airport juice vendors that stored her milk for "hours", and flight attendants who assisted with keeping her milk on ice during her flight across the Atlantic Ocean.

She claims that this breast milk is approximately half of what she pumped while she was gone and the rest of that breast milk was pumped and dumped. She also states that she bonded with other breastfeeding moms while she was on her trip. According to MckMama, she held a picture of her children and she would pump while other mothers were nursing their children under trees in Garmaam.

Now that she has returned home, MckMama states that she and her youngest child have been able to seamlessly resume their breastfeeding mother and child relationship.

* She is also promoting a giveaway for a Nook or Kindle to two lucky readers if they donate to a good cause.