Thursday, March 3, 2011

Skype Hype - Part # 2

This a follow-up to the previous post, "Skype Hype" here on MWOP.

On the morning of Mon. February 21, MckMama posted the following blog post:

She told her readers about the "Skype contest" for the very first time in that post:

One of MckMama's readers, "Cathy", left the following comment on that post that morning:

MckMama replied to "Cathy":

Then, MckMama sent the following e-mail to Cathy on the night of Mon. February 21:

You can click on the above e-mail to enlarge it.

Cathy definitely interpreted that she was already a "winner" based on the verbiage used in the above e-mail.

On the night of Mon. February 21, the village of Garmaam was officially opened up for adoption and MckMama wrote another blog post with another description of the "Skype contest" in that post:

Once the call was changed from Thursday night to Friday night, Cathy was no longer able to include her co-workers in the Skype call. She also heard some information about MckMama that caused her to question MckMama's integrity.

Then, MckMama sent the following e-mail out to the 4 Skype "winners" very early in the morning on Thurs. February 24:

On the afternoon of Thurs. February 24, Cathy received the following e-mail from MckMama:

In the meantime, Cathy started doing her own research on MckMama and GHNI by reading MWOP and doing her own internet research. She chose to cancel her adoption of the village on Fri. February 25, but still participated in the Skype call on Fri. night. Cathy did record the Skype calls and posted the videos on YouTube here.

A discussion took place on Facebook on the night of Thurs. March 3. In this discussion, Cathy explained her experience with the Skype contest and described all of the above information in a post on Facebook.

MckMama replied to that post by writing the following:

Here was Cathy's response:

She wrote this response to another individual on that same Facebook post on the night of Thurs. March 3:

MckMama deleted this Facebook post and the responses shortly after the above comments were posted.