Thursday, February 25, 2010


...we need a new poll?? From the comments today on her stream of consciousness - Colorado style post:

Ok so a friend sent me a link to a stupid website that is all negative about you and your blog..I caved and read a few entries out of curiousity and shock that people have time to set up a blog about this sort of well..crap..anyway, as you know J I have been reading your blog for over 18 months and I totally like you and what you have to say. I also do not care what others say about you. So with that being said I hope you do not take this wrong but I really hope you do not read that blog and then respond to it..their was a post about you not showing any of the kids toys and then today randomly you show this pic of the legos..please tell me it has nothing to do with that blog and its negative people?

Anyway, for the first time that just kind of bothered me and while you dont owe me or anyone explainations I just hope that you dont give those people the time of day by responding in anyway to their negativity..

I feel guilty for even reading some of that blog and I wont be returning to it..
take care,
erica h
in wa

And MckMama's reply:
Thanks for your sweet words! I took the Lego photo many days ago and randomly posted it this morning in my post. I don't ever read the dissenting stuff about us on the Internet. I have better things to do:)

A simple "Yes/No" oughtta work: Do you believe MckMama? Poll's on the right! No login required on polls, so let's hear from the lurkers!