Friday, February 26, 2010

Travel Update

Adding up the trip to Colorado, MckMama and "MckDaddy" will have both been away from their children for 29 days since Saturday, January 16. For those who don't want to whip out the calendar, that is 29 out of 54 days.

29 out of 54 days.

Twenty-nine days that four children, ages 5, 3, 2, and 1, will have been without their parents. They're not with their grandparents, or aunts and uncles. Since they don't have a nanny (MckMama says), they're not in the care of any caregiver who knows them in and out or cares for them daily.

They are with a "really great friend" while their parents are on self-imposed vacations several hundred to several thousands of miles away. Is it work-related? Maybe for her you could kinda sorta argue it for the trip to Tennessee and Kenya, but not for the cruise or Colorado.

But how can anyone justify Israel McKinney, a contractor who owns his own business, leaving his many small children for almost an entire month in 2010 for any reason?

One last comment to ponder while we're discussing if we can write these four trips off morally as "business trips" (I'm certain they will be writing them off fiscally): would not going affect their income in any way? Would a boss fire them? Would the blog fall apart and cease to bring in money?


One would think that mommy/parenting bloggers would/should be with their children in order to write blogs about being parents. Not to mention the benefit the four small children would have from having parents at home instead of galavanting around as a "really normal mom on tour" (from her Twitter).