Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It's not big news that MckMama heavily moderates her site. Many commenters have said they have had their comments removed, or watched it happen. Sometimes she leaves comments up, then refers to them on Twitter, as she did today, sending readers to her site (one would assume) to defend her. Most of the time though, she deletes the comments and blocks the commenter. Sometimes it's warranted, but there have been plenty of times where it isn't, like asking how many hours a day of help she has, or questioning the vaccinations required for her Kenya trip while pregnant.

Today, I have a question about the malicious intent of both MckMama and her readers. After sending the "sheeple" to her site to read the "bitter naysayers" comments, she failed to comment on, delete, defend, or otherwise address this reader, leaving her to the mercy of some vicious sheeple, and leaving me wondering how egotistical, uncaring and uncouth MckMama really is.

Here's part of the thread:
Emily 5 hours ago
You have all different types of readers, I happen to be one that has a hard time getting pregnant and when you go on about how your past two pregnancy's were not "planned" it really gives me a knot in my stomach. I guess I just need to stop reading.

Linda 3 hours ago in reply to Emily
Personally, I think this is way too much information for me. We all know how babies are made and I just didn't need to read it. If you didn't want any more babies, perhaps birth control would be an option.

I am sorry, Emily, that you had to read this post....

I, too will probably stop reading this blog.

Pamela 3 hours ago in reply to Linda
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Really???? You both are a little ridiculous! First of all, the Lord is the one and the only one who opens and closes wombs... He always has been. So, getting jealous over someone who the Lord has chosen to open their womb is ridiculous and sad. I am sorry that you are having a hard time getting pregnant, but don't steal the joy from someone who is. AND Linda, maybe you are just not enjoying life like the Lord intended. Sex is meant to be enjoyed and there is defiantly NOT too much information here... it is simply real. They were not planning on having anymore babies, but that does NOT mean that they did not WANT anymore. ALSO, PS... birth control is not 100% effective.... we are living proof, had two babies on birth control! ---- FYI, if your going to leave hate comments, it might be better for you to not read her blog anyhow!

amyoconnor 2 hours ago in reply to Pamela
Ugh! No kidding. I don't understand the people that feel that they need to say something not so nice or sometimes just down right nasty. This is Jennifer's blog about her life. If they don't want to read about her life, her pregnancy, her kids, then they can "click the red box in the corner" as she says. I wish more people could just be happy for others. I personally have a good friend who's baby was due one month after my youngest was born. The doctor decided to induce early since the due date coincided with his vacation (first indication to ditch him, IMO). To make a long story short, the doctor basically killed their baby by trying to force her out before she or the mom were ready. This lady is the godmother to my children now. She still has not been able to become pregnant again and I think she would be elated if we were to become pregnant again. I feel bad for and pray for those who are unkind regarding this issue.

AmberFilkins 2 hours ago in reply to Pamela
Pamela, you obviously haven't walked in their shoes. Obviously. I understand 110% where they are coming from and I know their comments didn't come from a hateful place. Matter of fact, I've taken THREE pregnancy tests in the past 2 days, and each time, negative. I've had 2 miscarriages in the last year, and it took us a year to conceive after the first one. My last mc was in October, and we've been trying ever since. So YES, it IS hard to read all of this, even though you can still be happy for a person. It is heartbreaking. My first daughter was unplanned, and I was a single mom for 5 years. So I'm from both sides of the track here. You need to not jump down their throats.

Cyndi 1 hour ago in reply to Pamela
OMG...seriously? "the Lord is the one and the only one who opens and closes wombs.." So the women who have a hard time getting pregnant it's b/c the Lord doesn't think they should?

SandieMN 1 hour ago in reply to Pamela
Holy crap! I have never heard any one speak the words "the Lord is the one and the only one who opens and closes wombs". I honestly cannot believe you threw that one out to some who has difficulty getting pregnant. You have no tact. Emily, it doesn't seem fair sometimes, I know.

stephywubba 20 minutes ago in reply to SandieMN
Gen. 20:18--The Lord closed all the wombs of household of Abimelech
Gen. 29:31--The Lord opened Leah's womb
Gen. 30:22--The Lord opened Rachel's womb
1 Sam. 1:5--The Lord closed Hannah's womb
1 Sam. 1:6--The Lord closed Hannah's womb

JamieV 54 minutes ago in reply to Linda
Nobody FORCED you two to read this blog. You knew she was pregnant and you can see the title of this post and CHOOSE wheather ot not to read it. Sorry for your infertility issues, Emily, but that doesn't mean you have to bark at other people joys and excitements. And Linda, you don't need to read it either. It's a choice that you have. If you can't find joy or humor in someone else's story then you need to get a life. Seriously.
Jessica 3 hours ago in reply to Emily
I'm really disappointed that you've taken her news that way. I can't speak for her but I don't think she had ANY intentions of going on and on about an unplanned pregnancy, nor did I feel that she did.

It's *her* story and although it might not be the same as yours, this is her space to share it. Just because you haven't been as blessed, or had as much luck (however you want to look at it) doesn't mean that you must criticize others for being excited about events in their life or say that they shouldn't "go on and on" about their circumstances.

Clearly, unplanned or planned, her and her husband are considering this one of God's greatest blessings. I wish everyone could view it that way, too.

LittleLlamas 3 hours ago in reply to Emily
would you rather her lie and tell you they struggled with infertility for years? This is her story. She happens to be fertile... and can get pregnant very early after having a baby (not this time after stellan, but after the others., pregnant VERY soon) Regardless... this is HER story. Praying that YOU will one day have a glorious story to share with the world. Hate that her sharing her story would deter you from reading. But there are a lot of blogs out there sharing the pain of infertility. it is painful for sure.... but her pregnancies, though unplanned, were never unwanted or accidents. There is no need to criticize her sharing the truth of her story... they were surprised by pregnancies. They weren't trying to get pregnant... but they did. And they have given all glory to God and loved every blessing he has given them. THAT is to be commended.

Tessa 3 hours ago in reply to Emily
Emily, Jennifer has been very conscious of keeping women like you in her thoughts and words during this pregnancy of hers. I can relate to you in a way. I want to adopt SO BADLY and we are not in a financial situation to do so, nor do we live in a large enough house to bring in more children. I hope I can someday, but I do get a twinge of jealousy when I see other families with adopted children or talking about it. I can see where the feeling comes from. It's just that we have no right to make someone else feel bad for the ways they have been blessed just because our time has not come for that yet. It's nobody's fault that you are unable to conceive just as it's nobody's fault that I am not in a position to adopt. It's our responsibility to own our own feelings and not project the onto others. God Bless.