Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday's Challenge

We have a challenge for you. It's a doozie, and you can't find the answer by Googling. Ironically, as a "mommy blog", this challenge should be easy. Oh and if you can do it, you don't win anything, except notoriety on a little-known blog. You ready?

Name one character trait of each of the Many Small Children. Just need one, but you can get bonus points for more than one. These are not physical traits, and not "mom" responses to comments made, just a personality trait that makes these kids who they are.

Example: "Gavin doesn't need sleep. He doesn't nap and he goes to bed late. He loves Handy Manny and recently he's been biting his siblings. He can also be stubborn about using the potty, but he can be bribed with chocolate most days."