Saturday, February 20, 2010

Woodland Creature Food....errr, Pizza Pockets

MckMama addresses her not-so-healthy eating habits by saying she's "almost as much into nutrition and woodland creature food as I've ever been," but she says almost "because as I mature (Ha, ha, ha! I wish!), I am slowly realizing that I am not in control."

She says she is "not in control of my husband, my marriage, my children's lives, their ultimate eating habits, etc" but goes on to say she is trying to model good eating as best she can.

A favorite quote of commenters: "I've just stepped off my high nutritional horse a little. And back into reality. And the reality remains that I love to make healthy stuff for our family!"

Also noticing that her pictures are taking on new editing tactics. Gone are the unnatural eye colors, and the new, hip Lightroom preset action is a 50s flashback with rounded corners. What do you think of the new action style? Is it something you're gonna try, or should the faux faded look stay as gone out of style as beehive hairdos?

Edited to add: You can find a similar Lightroom preset to the vintage style MckMama is using here.