Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another random lie

May 2009: What is it really like with a wife, four children, and one car?

Actually, we did only have one car for quite a while after selling MckMama's car months and months ago. And then I got an old beater Geo Metro. That was a hefty investment! A 1990 with 400,000+ miles! No giggling. It gets 51 miles a gallon! So I drive that one around if my wife needs the car to take the kids somewhere for the day, although I need to use it if I go up on a roof as I can bring my ladder with it. She can't drive a stick shift, so on those days she stays home with our children. Oh, and my Geo tops out at about 51 mph, too!

By "selling" MckDaddy of course means "the Escalade is repo'd". Small, but just sayin'.