Sunday, March 14, 2010


Readers pointed out that there was a wall-mounted TV in the basement, and MckMama replied to their comments:

Today, March 14, 2010, 7 hours ago | mckmama
Good eye! :) It's not a tv actually (though maybe someday we'll get one again, who knows), but a wall mounted computer monitor that we use for letting the kids watch DVDs sometimes...but mostly my husband uses this one to stream Netflix, use Pandora and watch ridiculous YouTube videos with his friends. We do love our media, but are still not sold on the idea that a tv is the right choice for our family right now. Maybe someday, but right now my husband and I both feel strongly about not having television. Living so far out in the country helps, too! To even get the most basic channels, I think we'd need a satellite!

So it's not technically a TV, it's a computer monitor. It's used to stream Netflix, play DVDs, and watch YouTube, and who knows what else.

For those who "forgo" television - do you use a computer for viewing pleasures instead? Would you consider MckMama "television abandoning" or should it be "cable abandoning" instead? Is this just another example of spin, since it's technically not a TV?