Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Holter, string, or just lies?

MWOP is hopping this morning. MckMama posted a cute picture of her kids a few minutes ago, and lots of people have noticed and already commented on the cord on Stellan:

Here's a picture of Stellan on the cover of the Little Hearts calendar. It's easy to see why readers might get confused:

MckMama said yesterday on Twitter:
  1. ..ready yet, so Dr B said he'd call me after Kenya, or email if something does show on the Holter. He said "I think we got our swan story!"
  2. The appt went great! Stellan's EKG was perfect. He hasn't gained any weight in five months, but he's taller! The Holter results weren't...
  3. Taking Stellan to see Dr B this morning in what could be his LAST cardiology visit EVER if everything looks good!
Today, her post says:
While I was packing for Kenya this morning (Fully aware that I didn't post my ultrasound photo from yesterday or tell you about it yet, sorry! I ended up doing too much last night and then getting really sleepy so I didn't post it yet! But I will later today. Pinky swear!!), stuffing clothes and shoes and prenatal vitamins in my suitcase, I took a break.

It was quiet in the living room where the kids had been playing with my husband. (We didn't pack before today...yes we leave this afternoon...we're procrastinators like that...so we're taking turns being with the kids and packing this morning) I thought maybe they were downstairs, but when I saw this...
So what is that cord on Stellan? Wire? String? Holter monitor cord? And if it is the Holter cord, why lie about when the picture was taken?

ETA: Someone asked in the comments, and MckMama replied, but she didn't let readers know what the cord is, if it's not a Holter monitor cord.

This photo was certainly taken this morning and that is not a Holter monitor you're seeing in the photo:) Holter monitors go on the chest and attach to a box that looks like a pager. But thanks for the implication that I wasn't being truthful:)