Monday, March 8, 2010


For those interested in sponsoring a child, there have been many links posted on this blog over the last week. I've been collecting them and wanted to post them here, because, even though we all come here to read about MckMama, this week has shown us through her traveling companions that there are many in need, both here and abroad.

If you're leery of where the money goes or would like a longer list, please visit Charity Navigator.

And here are the links readers have provided for organizations they give to:
Compassion International (the organization sponsoring MckMama's Kenya trip)
Children, Inc, Appalachian Division

If you have other organizations you would like added, please leave them in the comments and I will add them.


I was updating this list (thank you!) and thinking about Kiva and all the other wonderful causes out there....local charities, soup kitchens, adoptions, etc, and thought, "why leave those out??"
If you have another organization, charity or cause you want me to list, please leave a comment and I'll get you added too. Heck, if you're a member of the organization and have a button, send me that too!