Monday, March 8, 2010

Mathare Valley

MckMama visited a slum in Kenya today. She had a body guard and she walked on garbage. She didn't cry while she was there, but she says on Twitter she's crying 20 minutes later while watching a video.

Did reading her post make you cry? Could you "imagine it", as she asked over and over? Did it make you want to sponsor a child from CI?

***Edited to add***

MckMama says she took the photographs of the slum today. In fact her post starts with:
"The photographs I took today are not going to be easy for you to look at."
But another Compassion Blogger, Kristen, writes:
We were told to "get in the project and get out" as quickly as possible. No cameras allowed (expect by our professional photographer, Keeley, who took pictures from her hip, under her jacket).

So which one is it? Photos from today are not on the flickr stream, so we can't check there. So are they not MckMama's pictures, or was she given special permission to take pictures when other bloggers were not?