Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Big changes are coming to the MckMama blog! She's moving to WordPress some time today (in MckMama hours, mind you). All comments from the last three years, sadly, will be lost. But! If you are the lucky first reader to comment on the new blog, you shall win a prize. MckMama, in return, will win lots and lots of clicks while people refresh, looking for the anticipated change.

In other news, as MckMama will be changing her commenting system, there is a good chance that ALL BLOCKED READERS will now be unblocked. Just a chance, mind you.

To join in the fun, MWOP will be changing as well!! Be the lucky first poster and you shall win the title of "Lucky First Poster". Please click away, and check back because this fun change will be happening exactly at 9PM EST. (I made this hard on you guys, I know.)

While you wait, let's have a poll: Who here has been blocked?