Monday, May 3, 2010

MckDaddy is picturing you in your underwear!

**ETA new Twitter that relates to this post from MckMama:**
"What you think of me is none of my business." Dr. Wayne Dyer
So true. Unless you make a business out of marketing yourself. A business that relies heavily on people liking you, and returning again and again to read more about you. A business that supports your family in a situation where everything you have will be taken away without money from said business. Then what people think of you matters immensely.

Wouldn't you agree?

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Also, in your parents' basement, heh.

Translation: there's a new post up by MckDaddy where he addresses his recent ticket, license suspension, his image, and naysayers.

The post is again buried in the archives, so hits = money. His post is verbose, but to recap, he talks about why image isn't everything. He lists things that matter to him: God, country, family, integrity, personal responsibility, selflessness among others are of critical value and priority. And with that, he answers his own question about why someone would keep an eye on his public record - himself.

As many commenters have written over and over: "talking the talk."

If integrity, personal responsibility and selflessness are as important as he says they are, wouldn't have a legion of naysayers pointing out the things swept under the rug, the lack of "boldness" and truth, the continued shirking of responsibility, and the ever-present inconsistencies. Why do people check on these things? Because they have never "walked the walk", despite insisting they do.

He also wrote this. I wonder which organization has pulled their support?
An organization has advised my wife, as a result of some of my past behaviors and recent blog postings, that the content of ideas I offer were incompatible with theirs and therefore has severed their relationship with her and us.

MckMama, in her introduction, wrote,
This weekend, I got some comments on my blog from (anonymous) people who have apparently searched the Web for information to try to tarnish my husband's and my image. They failed. Not in finding information, for that is clearly there for the finding. But in doing damage to our images. Because we have none. We've chosen to find our identity in Jesus. And He, my friends, is perfect.

Perhaps that's part of the problem - the McKinneys don't think they are accountable to anyone for anything. They whip out the "Jesus card" when someone finds fault with them, and fail to see how the Commandments and society (the very society that supported them and now pays for their lucrative lifestyle) rules that plague the rest of us are applicable to their family.

I would love to hear from our religious readers on separation of church and state when it comes to social responsibility. If "all is right" between a sinner and Christ, does that mean society has no right to hold the sinner accountable?