Saturday, June 19, 2010

Name That Photo

You know the drill, or you would if you have read MckMama's blog in the past. Take a look at the photo of little two and a half year old Small Fry's hand and give us a caption.

You may want to refer to a minute (starting around 4:50) of this film first.

Edited to add: I apologize for not getting around to posting on the house today. I read through the information found but I don't want to post the house information and pictures just for the sake of posting them. I am impressed MWOP readers found the information on the burned down house (and so quickly), but I need time to read through the forty-five thousand words (not really) MckMama wrote about the house to decide what lies and half truths were in her post. After all, that's what MWOP is about - the inconsistencies and lies, not exposing every area of her private life.

Right now, I may have been out too late and had too much to eat and drink (heh), so I'm going to go to bed and think about what I have read and I promise I'll have something up tomorrow that will hopefully be complete and not full of grammatical errors!