Sunday, June 20, 2010

Math skills

According to MckDaddy, Jennifer is due September 5:
I am married to MckMama. She calls me her Prince Charming. We have five kids who are aged 5,3,2,1, and September 5th 2010. I've heard that all I have is this ever present moment. Here is my family sharing our moments together.

That's 29 weeks today, 28 weeks, 6 days yesterday when she posted her newest post.

Not 30 and certainly not "30 some weeks" in my opinion.

How do you interpret her writing "30 some weeks pregnant"? Is "30 some weeks" read as 30 weeks and a day? Or is she trying to make people think she is more like 31, 32, or 33 weeks along?

She has indicated she will be having another c-section. From what I have read, c-sections tend to be a week or so before the due date. If that's the case, c-section experts, does that mean you round up and you're now a few weeks ahead, however many weeks according to your c-section, or do you still go by a regular 40 week pregnancy timeline?

Is math different in Minnesota's frozen tundra?