Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where did the truck go?

From a commenter, Jennifur:

Ok internet sleuths, I have been googling like crazy and can still find no mention of the press release she claims was made public about the Feed the Children truck:
LAFAYETTE, Tenn. (May 26, 2010) – On Thursday, June 3rd at 9 a.m., international hunger relief organization Feed The Children will distribute a semi tractor-trailer full of food and personal care items at the Bethel Family Worship Center. The distribution was made possible by the readers of

Bethel Family Worship Center is a partner agency of Feed The Children and has pre-identified the 400 recipient families. The boxes are designed to help a family of four for up to one week.

This distribution is one of 18 semi tractor-trailers full of food and disaster relief items sent for disaster and food relief to aid the flood victims in Central Tennessee, Arkansas and Kentucky where rain has caused flash floods and widespread damage to structures and homes in the area.

“Many people are experiencing difficult times due to the recent flooding,” said Tony Sellars, spokesperson for Feed The Children. “The generous donation from the readers of will help put food on the table for families that otherwise might have gone without.”

I can find no mention of it being delivered, even on Feed The Children's facebook page or the church where it was supposed to be delivered to .

She claimed when it began that the readers could choose wherever they wanted the truck to go to. The Feed the Children website says:
Truck Sponsorship donations must be received 30 days in advance of the distribution date. During that time period, Feed The Children will choose a qualified nonprofit agency that meets our standards for distribution. This agency must obtain a forklift, a pallet jack, a minimum of 20 volunteers, and the precise location for the truck distribution.

She claims that: "I’m super duper excited to let you know that this iPad giveaway is an official Feed The Children project, with proceeds going to their Truck Sponsorship Program!" but if you look on their website for special projects guidelines, it says: "4. Feed The Children does not approve of door to door, airport terminal, street solicitation, raffles or multi-level marketing projects." Somehow she got past the rules AGAIN.

I'm not doubting that the money was raised, since it went directly to the agency, I'm just wondering why there is no mention of it. There was a delivery at 9am on Thursday June 3, like she says, but it was in Cincinnati. Do you think the money donated went to a truck in Cincinnati and instead of admitting that she couldn't choose the location, she made up the press release and lied and said it was going to Tennessee?

If I'm wrong, somebody please find the proof that this truck went to Tennessee. If I'm right, that's one huge lie.