Tuesday, March 8, 2011

By The Numbers

There are a lot of inaccurate perceptions about this site and its intended purpose.

When the original MWOP started this blog, this was the description that she used when describing the reason for the existence of this site and it is still accurate today (more than 1 year later):

MckMama Without Pity (MWOP) came about as a place to discuss the inconsistencies and bad business/life practices preached in Jennifer McKinney's popular blog, "mckmama.com". Since there is heavy moderation on her site, and on her Blog Frog Community, there was no place to discuss the red flags that her readers have seen.

Now there is.

This site is comprised of former loyal MckMama supporters, occasional readers, those who still support MckMama, those who are on the fence, and those who do not support MckMama. There are people who comment frequently, people who rarely comment, and people who lurk, but never comment.

It would be impossible to control everything that is said here and it would be counterproductive. This site exists because people have not been allowed to express their feelings in the past without censorship (deleted comments, edited comments, etc.). I simply ask that we treat one another with respect. We will not always agree with one another and that's to be expected with the volume of voices here.

While I know that many people like to dismiss what is said on this site because it's just a small, token number of individuals, I just want to clarify that it's simply not true.

There are currently 428 Google Followers (those who appear in the box at the top-right of this site), but there are 929 subscribers to this site. In addition to that, there are many others who read this site by clicking directly.

On March 2, we were receiving an average of 8,400+ visits per day and 17,000+ page views. Today (March 8), we now receive an average of 12,000+ visits per day and 23,000+ page views.

This is just a reminder that this site does not have a Twitter account or a Facebook account. I am aware that there are individuals out there who repeatedly post negative comments that are directed at MckMama and her readers on Twitter, Facebook, or MckMama's blog or take direct quotes from here and post them on Twitter for MckMama and her readers to see. I am not behind that activity, nor do I endorse it. I know that MWOP had posted something similar in the past, but I would prefer that we keep our comments and discussions on this site.