Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Last Hurrah

MWOP the Original here, posting because I started this blog and it is ultimately my responsibility. This blog received a cease and desist today...not from MckMama. Because this site has generated such volatile hatred from some who choose to threaten the lives of employees and their families of organizations associated with MckMama, the entire community and its moderators are now hinging on a lawsuit.

We never, ever intended for such hatred to breed on this site. It was started honestly: "MckMama Without Pity (MWOP) came about as a place to discuss the inconsistencies and bad business/life practices preached in Jennifer McKinney's popular blog, "". Since there is heavy moderation on her site, and on her Blog Frog Community, there was no place to discuss the red flags that her readers have seen. Now there is."

We still believe whole-heartedly in why this site originated.

The blogger in question has lied, directly and through omission, and we believe deceitfully used readers of her site emotionally to gain financially and personally through several incidents over the years. She has, since 2008, blocked and banned those who questioned even politely the differences between what she says and what she does, and left thousands of once admiring and prayerful "members of her community" confused and looking for answers. That's why we're here - to piece together what's real and what she wants people to believe.

However, to allow this site to grow into a place associated with threats, especially death threats, is unacceptable, and in the case of death threats, illegal. Since these people congregate here, we're being told this site is liable.

So we're all being forced to wash our hands. I know this does not release me from any lawsuit that may be presented, but I want to state again that we and many, if not all, participants here never condoned any behavior outside the MWOP walls, and that has been known and repeated since day one.

In the end it comes back to the fact that she will never change. Many came here with questions and doubts and went back, hoping she would, but it didn't happen. Sadly, this site won't be around for new readers who are just figuring out that things don't add up, or that their favorite/model blogger is only a shell of what she pretends to be.

It was so nice getting to meet you. Thank you for the laughs, the information, the fellowship. MWOP was mixed with some bad apples, but mostly we know there's good ladies at the heart of MWOP. After all, we all come from the same roots - women who prayed for the same sick baby boy way back when.

See you around on the Internets; please be sure to renew your Jesus card before leaving this site to cancel out any and all wrongdoings while participating here. And who knows - if a Minnesota blogger can be sued and found guilty for telling the truth about a person, maybe a class action suit can be filed against a Minnesota blogger for misrepresenting herself and her situation(s), and gaining financially from it.