Saturday, March 12, 2011


A lot has happened over the past couple days. There has been a lot of disrespectful interaction amongst the readers here. There have been a number of off-topic conversations, too, that have resulted in upset. This site was established to discuss the "inconsistencies and bad business/life practices" found on MckMama's blog. I just wanted to clarify that the off-topic conversations will happen from time to time, but please keep in mind the focus of this site.*

I have implemented comment moderation and hidden the comments from the last post for now. Many lines have been crossed and I just want to say that I am disappointed. I will not condone threats of any kind, veiled or direct. Just because you can hide behind anonymity, does not give anyone license to act with no regard for others. I have requested that people be allowed to share their thoughts and perspectives in a respectful manner without judgment and that has not happened.

If you would like to comment on this, please know that no comments will be approved immediately at this time but I will be able to read what you have to say. I will be periodically reading and posting comments as I can, but will not publish your comment if you ask me not to do so.*

I will leave you with the following list of blog rules and guidelines that were implemented on Day 1 of this site in Feb. 2010:

  • We're going to allow Anonymous posters. If it gets to be too much, we'll turn that option off.

  • Do not be rude to other posters or call them names.

  • Do not be rude about the children or call them names. Commenting on behavior is acceptable, but no name calling.

  • Don't tell the moderators how to run the blog.
    No posting addresses.

  • The administrators are not able to verify the identity of people who comment here. Believe what you choose to believe.

  • We are not a blog about religion, please do not comment or assume that we are all Christians.

* Post Edited: I edited this post to clarify why I mentioned the off-topic comments. Recent discussion of another blogger escalated here very recently and upset a number of readers. I also wanted to clarify my plans for comment moderation at this time.