Friday, March 11, 2011

New Post

We need a new post, so I'm just going to list a couple of things that have happened with MckMama over the past couple days.

  • MckMama lost her wallet, but it was returned to her completely intact by a total stranger
  • She announced the winner of the Kindle and the winner will be donating it to her own church
  • She tweeted last night with her feelings about Gerber "Yogurt for Babies"
  • She posted a video to her blog that featured her youngest child taking a bath while her other children could be heard in the background

* You will also find a post below for recipe sharing after requests from several readers. It has been added to the sidebar (at the bottom), so that you can continually read and add to it.

For those of you who are new to this blog, I want you to know that this site does not have a Twitter account or a Facebook account. I am aware that there are individuals out there who repeatedly post negative comments that are directed at MckMama and her readers on Twitter or take direct quotes from here and put them on Twitter, Facebook, and MckMama's blog. I am not behind that activity nor do I endorse it. I know that the original MWOP had posted something similar in the past, but I would prefer that we keep our comments and discussion on this site. I just don't believe those comments are going to have the desired impact on MckMama or her readers. It seems that those comments typically end up turning off MckMama's readers who are starting to question her and make it more difficult for them to keep an open mind about the information that is shared here.

This site is comprised of former loyal MckMama supporters, occasional readers, those who still support MckMama, those who are on the fence, and those who do not support MckMama. There are people who comment frequently, people who rarely comment, and people who lurk, but never comment. I would like to ask everyone to treat one another with respect when interacting here.