Thursday, March 4, 2010

and that's (not) a good thing

New post is up. In summation: "I, I, I, me, me, my, waahh."

Some commenters have said they think this is the beginning of a good change, but I can't say I agree. She had been in Kenya looking around and meeting people for 9ish hours, and she popped out a 1,000 word narcissistic confessional on her "hardened, rich, stuck up, pampered American heart" with one, ONE paragraph about one person she met in Kenya.

There are over fourteen paragraphs about her and how she wants to be affected but she didn't want to be affected because she doesn't want to change her selfish (her words) ways. She used the word "I" 38 times, "my" 12 times, and "me" 4 times. In approximately 15 paragraphs.

She even, in her moment of "totally losing it", had the forethought to take a picture of what made her lose it. But then, it's back to how it felt to cry.

Other Kenya participants have Retweeted a video, shared pictures of people they met (unedited twitpics) and programs they have gone to, but MckMama? Her feed looks like this:
  1. I just added a photo to my last post: am unable to see it from here in Kenya...can you tell me if you see it?
  2. Oh, these photographs. #cbkenya
  3. I just Skyped with all my children, put up this new blog post: and am about to upload photographs.
  4. Hmmm. Thanks for the feedback, friends! Our new blog posts from Kenya AREN'T showing up as WE view our blogs, but I guess they are for you!
  5. All us bloggers in Kenya are in a conference room, having glitches. Can anyone tell me the name of the most recent post you see on my blog?
  6. Just returned from a day that I am still working on processing. I am a broken woman, but anxious to share my heart with you soon.
  7. It's early morn in Africa! We slept well & feel ready to face the day, & it's a full one! Meeting with local Compassion workers & then KIDS!

Does anyone else see the word "American" in her comment above as being loaded? Maybe it was unintentional on her part, but it came across, to me, as an "out" for her being "hardened, rich, stuck up, pampered"; ie, she is these things because of our culture and not because of her personality type. If she does indeed have a narcissistic personality, this would be par for the course - it would allow her to have flaws, but not accept responsibility for them.

Do I hope her heart changes while she's in Kenya? Yes. Very much so. Do I think it has after 9 hours and seeing her selfish "me, me, me" Twitters and blog post?

Ha. No.