Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Travel Update #3

Please note that with MckMama and "MckDaddy" leaving today (instead of Thursday as indicated on the Compassion Bloggers site), the days traveling and away from their children is now at 31 out of 54 days. It could go up again.

We'll just have to wait and see how many days they tack on to the end of their trip.

One of the MSC had an "incident" yesterday that resulted in a trip to the ER, and ended with her saying "everything is just fine...now!". Even after many Tweets and questions about the boy's health, MckMama refused to update her readers with the 5 W's, namely the who. Last visit to the ER (Big Mac), she twittered, took pics, and posted a blog post. Why wouldn't she fill in the details this time - she had the time - did you see her last long update?

Unless she thought readers would chastise her for leaving her child for over a week after (fill in blank) occurred??

My hopes are the pulse ox in the picture she says is from this morning and the ER visit aren't hints something was/is wrong with Stellan, and that she and her husband aren't leaving the potentially sick one-year-old alone with "a really great friend."