Saturday, January 29, 2011

An update on the future

Great news - there is a regular here who has volunteered to take over MWOP. It's someone who was on my list, who may have been on your list too. This person has been around for months and is a reasonable voice with some great opinions. She is not/was not a moderator of the forum (since I know some will ask).

I'm happy she stepped forward. I think this person can handle Africa in ways that I cannot right now. She is also excellent at putting small details together, so I anticipate the posts from her being way better than what I could pen.

I want this person to have the best anonymity, so we've agreed not to reveal her username since she has used it in other locations. To that end, she will need a new username. That's where I thought you guys could come in. Please leave the most clever username you've got and the one with the most likes by Sunday 9 PM EST will be it!